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What Is Domain Parking?

Voodoo.com is a domain parking system that allows you to earn money from your existing portfolio of domain names. We help you manage your domain portfolio and optimize your domains to display relevant landing pages and advertising to your visitors. We are paid by the advertisers and pay you one of the highest revenue shares in the industry. Our optimization technology allows you to do as little or as much as you want to optimize your domains and help you make the most money possible.

Above is an example of a landing page and search results page from a domain that is using the Voodoo.com domain parking system.


We added the features to Voodoo.com that we wanted to use on our own domains. Below are just a few of them.

  • Ad Provider. We are a partner of the largest search engine in the world, this allows us to have the largest number of unique advertisers.
  • Get paid per click. Every time a visitors clicks on one of the advertisers ads you make money.
  • Auto Optimization. Our automatic optimization system will determine what the best layout, keywords, and even colors for your domain and for what your visitors are looking for.
  • Self Optimization. We give you the ability to customize your domains however you want.
  • 1 click landers or 2 click landers. You get to choose what technology you want to use.
  • Customizable Layouts. We give you complete control over your domains. You can change layouts, colors, images and keywords.
  • Multilingual/International Domains. We support IDN domains and provide your visitors location specific keywords in their own language worldwide.
  • JavaScript and XML API. All customers have the ability to use our API to do everything that our interface does, completely free of charge.

Getting Started

In only 4 easy steps you can be on your way to making money parking your domains with Voodoo.com.

  • Sign Up for an Account. It's free and you get instant approval.
  • Add Domains to your Account. Add all of the domains to your account that you own and you plan on parking with us.
  • Point Your Domains to Voodoo.com. We provide 3 different ways for you to point your domains to us: DNS, A record, or CNAME options. The choice is yours.
  • Start Earning Money Today. Within the hour you can be monetizing your domains with Voodoo.com